$ cats nobody@supertxt.net:git/st-int.s.txt

# git/st-int

You can learn more about this git repository by cloning it like this:

git clone https://supertxt.net/git/st-int

→ (home) ../../

# Git Tags

--id=v0.2.9 --date=2024-05-20T08:09:29-04:00
--id=v0.2.8 --date=2024-05-14T18:10:16-04:00
--id=v0.2.7 --date=2024-05-12T19:11:17-04:00
--id=v0.2.6 --date=2024-05-05T09:09:16-04:00
--id=v0.2.5 --date=2024-04-28T19:23:12-04:00
--id=v0.2.4 --date=2023-09-20T18:06:25-04:00
--id=v0.2.3 --date=2023-09-09T13:18:14-04:00
--id=v0.2.2 --date=2023-08-28T21:26:38-04:00
--id=v0.2.1 --date=2023-08-28T07:34:08-04:00
--id=v0.2.0 --date=2023-08-24T15:41:03-04:00

# Git Log

--hash=fff75ad --date=2024-05-20T08:09:29-04:00 "brsh: add identity information to prompt"
--hash=2fe9d09 --date=2024-05-14T18:10:16-04:00 "brsh: provide builtins for ls, and pwd for better navigation"
--hash=d510ed5 --date=2024-05-12T19:11:17-04:00 "brsh: chdir to a remote machine over ssh or ssc"
--hash=60c79e9 --date=2024-05-06T18:09:00-04:00 "wikipedia.org: identify and mark geocordinate and datetime datatypes"
--hash=fb4b91c --date=2024-05-05T12:11:38-04:00 "brsh: fix ui lockup when text content is too big"
--hash=3402909 --date=2024-05-05T09:09:16-04:00 "brsh: introduce pgup/pgdown as heading scroll"
--hash=751f88f --date=2024-04-28T19:23:12-04:00 "upgrade dependencies and adjust to new apis"
--hash=337f21a --date=2024-04-02T20:40:29-04:00 "srch: remove result from searching heading when invoked in host mode"
--hash=576d3fa --date=2024-01-08T14:56:49-05:00 "Upgrade to gioui v0.4.2 and bump other dependencies"
--hash=2584af9 --date=2024-01-05T15:41:01-05:00 "conserv: add support for multiple host keys"

# Git Branches

--id=main2 --hash=20ca8fb --date=2023-03-12T20:44:47-04:00
--id=main --hash=fff75ad --date=2024-05-20T08:09:29-04:00

## SuperTXT Integrations

This is a collection of SuperTXT integrations with tools, utilities, and libraries to work with the medium.

### Browsing Shell (brsh)

Browsing Shell is a graphical version of the standard Unix shell (sh). You can install it like this:

git clone nobody@supertxt.net:git/st-int
cd st-int
go install ./cmd/brsh

There is help available in the shell through the "help" command.

### Search (srch)

The search tool analyzes, indexes, and searches for file content on your machine with built-in support for SuperTXT content and semantics. As an SSHLA compatible tool it can also search remote paths using SSH, much like scp, or git.

git clone nobody@supertxt.net:git/st-int
cd st-int
go install ./cmd/srch

Search for some text in a SuperTXT file in your home directory like this:

srch <<EOF
my todo list

Read more about how to use "srch" in the [README](./cmd/srch/README.md).

### Wikipedia Site-Specific Command

This site-specific command opens up the world of wikipedia to the command-line and rich client application world. You can perform searches and view documents in a text-friendly way. Here's a simple text search of the site:

wikipedia.org srch <<EOF
space opera

You can view an article by name and file extension like this:

wikipedia.org cats Toronto.s.txt

This command, once installed on your path, plugs into both the "cats" command-line tool and "srch" so that wikipedia behaves like any other SSH server. The above two commands could be written like this instead so that they work in reflective environments, like the browsing shell. Here is the simple search:

srch -C wikipedia.org: <<EOF
space opera

This loads the article by name and file extension:

cats wikipedia.org:Toronto.s.txt

Install the wikipedia SSC like this:

git clone nobody@supertxt.net:git/st-int
cd st-int
go install ./cmd/wikipedia.org

Find more information about this site specific tool with the "--help" flag.

### Conserv SSH server

The conserv server is a light-weight SSH server that specializes in content sharing instead of infrastructure access.

You can pick an empty directory to start. The server generates a key, content directory, and wrapper scripts for commands.

cd mydir
conserv hostkey

The server is accessible via ssh on port 2222.

ssh -p 2222 localhost

Install conserv like this:

git clone nobody@supertxt.net:git/st-int
cd st-int
go install ./cmd/conserv

### Deserv http server

The deserv server serves conserv content over http for regular web browsers. You can run it from the same directory as conserv.

cd mydir

Navigate to the website at localhost:5050

Install deserv like this:

git clone nobody@supertxt.net:git/st-int
cd st-int
go install ./cmd/deserv

### Lexical Parser

A simple SuperTXT parser can be found in the "parser" package.

### Viewers

A set of SuperTXT and other related viewers can be found in the "viewer" package built on the [GioUI](https://gioui.org) framework.

### Ask Password

Ask password is a GIO UI framework for graphical prompting for SSH credentials and prompts.

### Progress Reporting

Following the reporting progress specification this package helps to produce progress reports and parse those reports from stderr.

### Command Builder

This is a framework for assembling logical commands composed of both OS executables and built-ins with support for piping them and running them together using a subset of the Unix sh syntax.

### Runner

Provides a GIO UI command-line prompt and produces viewers for a command's stdout and stderr for displaying in a graphical application.

### Legal

See the [license](LICENSE.txt) for more information.